Investment information

Bacterial endotoxin test kit (dynamic turbidimetric method)

Bacterial endotoxin test kit (Endpoint chromogenic matrix method)

Fungus (1-3)-β -D glucan detection kit (dynamic turbidimetric method)

Fungi (1-3)-β -D glucan detection kit (Endpoint chromogenic matrix method)

The kit produced by our company went on sale in July 2015. It has high sensitivity, fast detection, high specificity, strong anti-interference, simple operation, less competition, large space, and is very suitable for clinical sale in hospitals. Now to the national recruitment of provinces, cities and regions of agents and partners, welcome to your inquiries!

Agent requests:

(1) commitment to long-term cooperation;

Strong sense of responsibility and confidence;

3perfect sales network;

4certain economic strength and commercial reputation;

Rich market experience and development ability.

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